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Kefir Recipes – The Amazing Recipes of Kefir

Actually, there are many lists of kefir recipe you can look for. Kefir is a type of beverage created through fermentation that has the same taste like yogurt, but is considered to provide more beneficial health benefits. Kefir is made famous in Russia, Middle East, and Europe.

All types of kefir are definitely healthy to eat as well as to drink. However, in terms of kefir recipe, water kefir cannot be crashed down for its being handy. 

Keep in mind that kefir should not be cooked since it may destroy the bacteria, which makes the drink healthy. There are various ways for you to add kefir in your food after the process of fermentation is done and is ready to be consumed. So here are few lists of ideas you can try.

When making milkshakes or smoothies, you can use water kefir to make a healthy beverage with additional probiotic benefits.

You can also make use of kefir for dressings that can be used on salads. You should avoid adding kefir to a hot dressing since this will destroy the bacteria contained in kefir, but you are allowed to add one as long as it has cooled down.

Once the dressing is done, you can add it on any food you prefer. You can also try mixing it with potatoes in order to make a potato salad or you can also add it to make sandwiches. And if you want it to be used in other food, you can just keep it in the fridge.

Another one is you can also make a kefir dessert sauces. This can also be used from pancakes to brownies. A difference can also be done to improve the taste of the food.

You may start ordering now so that you can start making your own kefir milk beverage.